Still doing smoothies.

Have had some cooked foods in the last week. I still love my smoothies. My Grand Daughter has come to expect me to make them every day sometimes two or three times so thats good. Have yet to find somewhere to get Bananas in bulk. Still loving thoes smoothies. Yay. Lifes been busy and loud lately hopefully that changes soon. Well have to go for now. Ta ta.


Honey and Cinnamon Rasins.

I love Cinnamon, Honey and Rasins so today I decided to mixed the honey and cinnamon and add rasins. It was so sweet. Ok really sweet. I liked it but coudnt eat to many. It was good just sickly sweet. Just thought I would share. I have made some pretty nice raw food recipes and will share my best ones with you. Till them take care and have a blast with foods that can be so beautiful. Tata for now.

Hello world!

I created this site because I want to make some serious changes in my life and I’am hoping this blog will become a place where I can help other people who want to make changes as well and hopefuly maybe even receive some support or mayby even a little constructive critisisum. Here is where I will be posting my challenges, triumphs, recipes that I create. But only if there are good tasting I may even post videos on how to make them if need be. I may even Blog about other rawfoodists makes no difference to me if they are 100% or even 50%. If they let me. If you like raw food please check out youtube and add Dan the man his channel is (liferegenerator), John Kohler who is at (growingyourgreens) and Lisa @ (rawfoodforkids) the info they provide is great. So please join me on this new adventure if you want support as well or even if you are just interested in raw foods whatever the case may be. So welcome to my site hope you enjoy. Take care.


April the raw food nana.