My name is April. I’am a mom of 5 and a Nana (Grandmother) of 1. I admit taking care of my family has been a road well travelled and I have lost my self somewhere along the way. I have been enjoying raw foods for about 3 months now. But I must admit going 100% raw has been a hard road and continues to be so I’m more like 80% raw. I hope to be 100% by New Years Day 2013. I currently weigh in at 256lbs and feel like crap as I’m sure some, maybe even all people who are obesse may feel to. I can’t say for sure cause I’m just me and don’ t have other peoples feelings and if you feel good about it than that’s great. But the one thing I do know is being a heavy gal is not fun at all and never has been for me. I wanna be here when my children are older and I enjoy seeing my children and grand child grow. I wanna continue seeing them grow, see them get married someday and have there own children if that’s what they want. Whatever they do as long as it’s good haha. I want to do this by dropping the weight and becoming a healthier person. I wanna run again someday like I used to when I was young. So I hope that when I do drop the weight that I drop the issues with my knees, feet and back aswell as anything else thats wrong with me. You don’t need to know all my issues I’m sure you don’t want to anyway. I also hope that my family will start seeing what I’m doing and make changes as well. You never know that could happen. One can hope right. So I hope to meet new people and share experiences with you. Thanks in advance for joining me.

Take care and never stop laughing.

April the raw food nana.


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